Intinti is a blend of nature’s goodness that keeps your hygiene and safety intact. It contains active non-toxic natural ingredients that are biodegradable in nature.

  • Intinti is a blend of nature’s goodness that keeps your hygiene and safety intact. It contains active non-toxic natural ingredients that are biodegradable in nature.

Welcome to Intinti

Intinti is the personal and home care products brand of ProCinta Consumer Products, India’s leading manufacturer and supplier of reliable and quality home cleaning products. The promotors of Intinti have three-decades-long heritage in promoting traditional methods of personal care and home cleaning products. Considering the present wellness requirement, Intinti brings a wide range of products to protect households from harmful germs and bacteria.

All our valuable products are always within reach of customers Pan India. Intinti, the trusted brand of ProCinta amalgamates the best ingredients to the perfection to kill all germs and bacteria to give maximum protection to your family. Our products are Intinti Reliable Hand Sanitizers, Intinti Sunshine & Supple Hand Wash, Intinti Ting Dish wash Liquid, Intinti Florinse Instant Cleaning Powder, Intinti Glassino Glass Cleaner, Intinti PhalSabji Wash Fruit and Vegetable Wash, Intinti Floricare Perfumed Floor Cleaner, Intinti Kleen Wash Detergent Powder, Intinti Kleen Wash Detergent Liquid, Intinti Chlorinol Bleaching Powder, Intinti Disinfectant Toilet cleaner, Intinti Disnfectant Bathroom cleaner, Intinti Fabreeze Fabric Conditioner, Intinti Multi Kleen Multi-Surface Cleaner, Intinti Florinol Floor Cleaner. Intinti is the best of the choice Personal Care and Hygiene Products.

Manufacturing of all Intinti products are carried out under strict quality parameters as decided by competent authorities. The product formulation is backed by strong research. ProCinta and Intinti are trade mark approved entities with ISO certification.

Intinti Reliable Hand Sanitizer

Intinti is a Reliable Hand Sanitizer Made with 75% IPA and other Powerful Ingredients, that Sanitizes Hands Quickly and Effectively, Keeping the Covid Causing Germs Away.

Intinti Sunshine & Supple Hand Wash

Intinti Sunshine & Supple

Sunshine & Supple is a Hand Wash Liquid with Pleasant Fragrance,Keeping Away the Germs and Leaving your Hands Supple.

Intinti Ting

Ting Liquid Dish Wash Gel is an Advanced Formula that gives a pleasant cleaning experience by removing tough stains and odour from your Utensils and giving you a refreshing feel.

Intinti Ting Dish wash Liquid
Intinti Florinse Instant Cleaning Powder

Intinti Florinse

Florinse is an Instant Floor Cleaner Powder with a Powerful Cleaning Agent which Removes Stains, Kill Germs, Foul Odour, Kills Germs and Virus.

Intinti Glassino

Glassino Glass Cleaner is not Simply a Dirt and Dust Remover But Even Gives Ultra Shine than Usual Cleaners. It Removes Tough Stains and Leaves the Glass Sparkling Clean and Shiny.

Intinti Glassino Glass Cleaner

Intinti Floricare

Floricare is an Advanced Formulation that kills 99.9% of Germs and Cleans 10 TImes Better with Long-Lasting Fragrance.

Intinti Chlorinol

Chlorinol is one of the Strongest Oxidizing Solutions that Kills 99.99% Germs and Sanitize the Surface with its Powerful Cleaning Action. It Helps in Removing Tough and Greasy Stains.

Intinti Chlorinol Bleaching Powder
Intinti Kleen Wash Detergent Liquid

Intinti Kleen Wash

Kleen Wash with Streak-free Formula and Advanced Technology, Effective in Removing Toughest Stains. Kleen Wash Leaves No Residue and Keeps the Clothes Brighter and Shiny.

Intinti PhalSabji Wash

Phal-Sabji is an Effective and Safe Disinfectant for Fruits and Vegetables which Helps in Killing Germs and Neutralises the Residual Pesticides.

Intinti PhalSabji Wash